Sabato Chiropractic

Dr. Sabato, chiropractor serving Fair Oaks, Citrus Heights, Orangevale, Carmichael, Sacramento

  • Dr. Sabato has been in practice since July 6, 1979.
  • Prior to that he completed his internship at Los Angeles College of Chiropractic and externship with practicing field doctor Dr. Kenneth J. Smith, in Chatsworth, CA.
  • Dr. Sabato graduated from Los Angles College of Chiropractic on April 14, 1979.
  • After graduation he associated with Dr. Ron E. Oler, D.C. in San Carlos, CA.
  • He relocated to Sacramento establishing a practice in Citrus Heights where he practiced until August 2004.
  • Dr. Sabato associated himself with Dr. Casha and Dr. Cross located in Fair Oaks, CA for 6 years until March 2009.
  • In January 2009 he opened up the Gold River office. This is where he practices full time, not only chiropractic but utilizes the 21st century therapy of K-Laser. You can view information regarding K-Laser below:

  • Dr. Sabato is a Diplomate of the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners. He is a good standing member of the California Chiropractic Association and the California State Board of Chiropractic Examiners.
  • In June 20, 1988 he obtained the status of Disability Evaluator and thereafter certified by the State of California as a Qualified Medical Evaluator on June 8, 1991 and still holds the QME title. These certifications mainly pertain to the Workers’ Compensation aspect of practice performed Qualified Medical Evaluations (QME) on injured workers’. A QME evaluation is usually performed were one or combination of the following would apply: Resolving specific medical-legal issues and disputes i.e. Level of disability, Total Disability, Temporary Total Disability, Permanent Disability, Qualified Injured Worker, Vocational Rehabilitation, apportionment, Work restrictions, Medical Care, Future Medical Care. This added knowledge has been beneficial

Dr. Sabato feels that practice has been challenging as well as exciting over the years learning new laws and regulations. He strongly believes continued knowledge is necessary to understand and interpret medical reports and make determinations to render appropriate chiropractic or to refer to the patient’s primary treating physician. He enjoys consulting with patients, performing examinations and acting like a detective deriving a diagnosis and developing treatment plans.

Practice case load varies from:

  • cash, personal injury, worker’s compensation and private insurance cases.
  • An arsenal of treatment approaches have been applied from Gonstead, Thompson Drop Table, Leander Flexion Distraction, Non-traumatic Vertebral Distraction Pump (VDP) and Activator techniques. Dr. Sabato has been treating upper and lower extremity conditions for over 30 years.

Therapeutic applications range from trigger point, deep tissue massage trigger point therapy, mechanical massage, cervical long axis traction, electrical stimulation and spray and stretch myofascial release technique. In addition Kinesio taping is available.