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The "True Back" is a device that can be utilized by individuals that suffer from specific back conditions.  It would be good idea to get checked out prior to obtaining one to make sure that there would be a beneficial effect of this type of tractioning.  The following a print out of a study that was performed.  It would be a good idea to contact this office for an evaluation to see prior to ordering. Call 916-208-1793




 The Effect of Hyperextension and the TRUE BACK® on Spine Height Change.

Twelve normal subjects in good health were actually included in the study. One male and one female subject, for each of the six possible ways of ordering the sequence of the three interventions used (the TRUE BACK stiff foam board cut to the same curvature as the TRUE BACK and rest in the supine position).

The bio-mechanical analysis we have done demonstrates that a single 10 minute application of the TRUE BACK orthopedic device does have a statistically significant greater lengthening effect on the human spine than does 10 minutes of rest in the supine position. Subjects using a piece of firm foam board cut to the same shape of the TRUE BACK for 10 minutes demonstrate a larger than average gain in height than when resting for 10 minutes in the supine position but that increase was not statistically significant.

 Malcolm H.Pope, Dr. Med. Sci., Ph D.

Principal Investigator