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Dr. Sabato has been adjusting feet and other extremities for over 30 years. In addition he has been working with Foot Levelers who make the Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers. You can go to their site to see the latest information from them at  Your bones are connected to your spine via your legs. There is a large kinetic chain with one part of your lower extremity affecting the other part(s).

Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers are flexible, custom made orthotics that support all three (3) arches of the foot.  Once you are scanned 16 different measurements are taken to form your custom orthotic.  The goal is to have a supportive orthotic which maintains normal movement of your foot.  This leads to greater structural and functional balance when you stand, walk and run. The following pictures represent the Sandalthorics that normally cost $350. At times there are special purchases.  This month I can discount the sandals to $265 a pair. This is subject to change by the company.  The following are samples of the Sanalthotics.  Give Dr. Sabato a call to schedule an evaluation and get your feet scanned. Call 916-208-1793 


Note: This price is not limited to Dr. Sabato's current patients.  Women's Sandalthotics are noted with WOMAN.






 The following animation will explain the benefit of Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers.