Sabato Chiropractic

Personal Injury Office Policy

Injuries due to an automobile accident may be covered by your automobile insurance policy, auto policy for the responsible party, your group medial insurance, Workers' Compensation (in certain cases) or your home policy (under certain cases). This office will bill your automobile medical insurance first.

Periodically the doctor will administer orthopedic supports.  In addition he may suggest nutrition to aid in your recovery. In either case these items will have to be paid for at the time they are given. Most insurance companies DO not cover these expenses.

If you have retained an attorney, he/she will require reports during and after treatment. These are to determine your progress and to begin negotiations, respectively. There will be a charge for these reports in addition to the treatment. Insurance companies do not cover these costs.

If you receive a check in the mail for services rendered that is a two (2) party check (having your name and the doctors name on it) send it to the office with your signature so the doctor can be paid for services rendered.

If you keep any funds that are meant for the payment of services rendered (cashing of checks), you will be sent to collections. If this process occurs, you will be responsible for any and all collection charges/fees that occur. If you are taken to small claims court, yhou will be responsible for any/all/part of the doctors detention fees based upon his stardard fee for detention. If you are being treated on a lien basis, this office will collect a copay for each office visit toward the treatment balance.


The State of California requires that you carry a valid liability insurance policy, bond, cash deposit, or Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) approval self insurance to operate a motor vehicle.

You are responsible for filing a DMV accident report form SR-1, even if you are not at fault, within ten (10) days if you are involved in an accident causing property damage over $500 or any injury or death.

You must file this report as the California Highway Patrol (CHP), Police, or County Sheriff will not file this report for you. It may be possible for your insurance broker, insurance agent or legal representative to file this report for you.

You can go on the DMV webpage and fill out this form at the following link.

All drivers involved in an accident are now required to exchange evidence of financial responsibility and current residence address as well as vehicle registration and driver license information. Failure to provide such information subject to fine and possible jail time.