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Sports Injury Videos

I have been in chiropractic for over 30 years. I remember a fellow chiropractor, Jan Corwin, D.C., being the first chiropractor on the US Olympic doctor staff for the track and field events. As a chiropractor he was shunned and placed in the locker room away from the physical therapist and medical doctors. They placed themselves at trackside for the immediate benefits of the track team.  

Ironically, being placed in the locker room proved to be beneficial. Dr. Corwin provided help to injured players that were taken off their duties by either he MD’s or the PT’s. He adjusted the track and field players in the locker room and returned our Olympians back to the track. When other team members saw their fellow injured players get back into the game, they sought Dr. Corwin out with beneficial results. 

I have taken courses on adjusting extremities inclusive of all forms of sports injuries from Dr. Corwin and many others over the last 30 years and while in chiropractic school. 

There are many conditions that people suffer from which are related to sports injuries s that occur on a daily basis.

Below are a couple of clips regarding our Olympic team receiving chiropractic. I am sure that you will find it interesting and it will shed some light on the benefits of chiropractic care other than treating the spine. I am very glad to see that we are getting the recognition that we deserve from the Olympic officials. 

Enjoy the links below,

The following links are located at the California Chiropractic Association "About Chiropractic" page presenting pro-chiropractic videos:  The following are from Youtube