Sabato Chiropractic

Dr. Sabato has at his disposal a variety of techniques. The primary purpose is to find the region of dysfunction (subluxation or fixation). This causes a functional change in a persons spine or body leading to symptoms i.e. stiffness, restricted motion, localized or radiating pain pattern(s). Manipulation either by hand or by assisted mechanical means is utilized (an adjustment) to return the dysunctional area to as close to normal as possible.

Techniques utilized by Dr. Sabato are:

Gonstead - This is a technique where specific analysis of x-rays are performed to determine regions that are in need of adjustment.

Activator - After performing motion palpation and or muscle group evaluation an area of dysfunction is detected. The Activator is an adjustable force mechanical instrument which applies that force a specific direction applied by Dr. Sabato. This is a very gentle and painless form of adjustment.  

Thompson Terminal Point - This is a mechanical adjusting technique where the patient is placed on an adjusting table. After adjusting the table to the patients weight pressure is applied to the region of the spine or extra-vertebral region that is in dysfunction, and the table drops a slight distance. This utilizes the patients weight to aid in freeing up the restriction. This is a gentle and painless form of adjustment.

Vertebral Distraction Pump (VDP) - This is a non-force, relaxing traction technique which works on specific joints that are causing restriction. It is also a great took to treat disc herniation, protrusion or facet encroachment.

Clinical Kinesiology - This is a technique that by way of muscle testing challenges the joints to determine regions that are not function properly due to misaligned bones.