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Vertebral Distraction Pump


NASA has found out through space travel that the height of the astronauts discs were increased with the removal of gravitational forces which would have normally compressed the disc material. Though activities of daily living trauma alters the automatic mechanism that maintains the normal disc height gets altered leading to a reduction of disc height. The Vertebral Distraction Pump (VDP) is an adjustment tool that enables the bodies innate ability to self regulate reset itself over course of treatment. This process is called “imbibition”.  An example of disc compression: Take a pale of water, squeeze a sponge, place it in the water and swirl it around, then take it out as you continuously squeeze the sponge. The sponge would be close to try. An example of imbibition: Doing the same as the above but prior to taking the sponge out of the water open it and let the water go into the sponge.  When you take your hand out of the water, the sponge would be nearly filled and dripping water. In essence the release of this pressure is called “negative pressure”. Using the VDP the negative pressure sucks the disc material back into the discs, relieves joint pressure and nerve irritation and increases blood supply and oxygen

to the tissue leading to improved healing. 


The Vertebral Disc Pump (VDP) performs the following:

  •   Enlarges the disc space over a course of treatment
  •   Herniation of disc material is absorbed
  •   Ligaments are strengthened to hold the disc in place 

What is the difference between the Vertebral Disc Pump (VDP) and spinal traction?


  •  Traction pulls both muscles and the spine, The VDP works ONLY on specific joints
  •  The VDP uses the muscles to separate the joints of the back therefore reducing compressive forces on the disc 

Benefits of VDP:


  •  Non force
  •  Relaxing
  •  Immediate beneficial results within a few office visits


Duration of treatment with the VDP:


  •  8 to 12 office visits
  •  Maintenance can vary due to the condition and age of the patient


The most dangerous words in regard to your care are:


“It is a taint nothing problem...and the back pain will go away by itself!”