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Weight Loss


Futrex 500 Body Composition Computer

Many of us eat too much daily or during holidays. We try different diets to loose weight, join a gym to get into shape.   Weight has an emotional impact on all of us. Being trim and firm makes us feel good.  Although it is hard work.

When you start an exercise or diet program it is beneficial to have a "Base-Line" weight comparison analysis performed.  This can be done with the Futrex 500.  This equipment determines your: percentage of body fat; fat weight, fat-free weight, total body water and recommended weight.

Modern weight scales use electrical impedance to measure your bodies resistance therefore obtaining readings.  The Futrex 500 uses near infra red light, the same method that the FDA uses to obtain fat content of meat at the grocery store.  This method has accuraacy similar to the "Gold Standard" or underwater weighing or DEXA. The light is absorbed by fat tissue and muscle fat and lean muscle, bone and water reflect light which is read by the Futrex 500.  One test site is only needed.  

What is taken into consideration when you undergo a Futrex 500 evaluation: Exercise level; Age; Weight; Height; and Body Frame.   

Your fitness is determined by your percentage of body fat.